About Trevor Easley

Born and raised in the tough inner city of Columbus Ohio, Trevor Easley also known as Trev-Eaz discovered his talent in quite a unique way. The various trials and tribulations he faced in his earlier years of life eventually caused him to stray away from the educational goals designed for him. At the age of 18, Trevor was stunned by the untimely death of his mother. Not only did this open his eyes to the reality that tomorrow is never promised, but it made him reflect on the teachings and statutes that his mother tried to teach him from her educational background. After searching for countless efforts of relief from the troubles of this world, Trevor finally surrendered and accepted his career path, and he vowed to use his gift of music, and visual arts to sharp the minds and lives of those seeking the same fulfillment he was once searching for.

Trevor, under his stage name trev-eaz has been featured on numerous collaboration projects with various artists. With the success of his debut Album entitle “The Disappearing Act” Trevor has been given a National platform to share the stories of his life and others. Among his gifting of Music, Trevor is a graduate of The Ohio Center for Broadcasting, earning a certification in radio and Television broadcasting. While at OCB Trevor was honored to receive the “Excellence in Video Editing” award.

Trevor is now working at YouthBuild Columbus Community School as the Marketing and Retention Specialist. In his local program he affects change by exhibiting leadership, and relying on his relatability to the student body.

With a solid background in his field of interest, Trevor has begun to establish himself in the talents of Audio and Video production. Trevor has grown through the development of the community services programs and is now The Vice President of the YouthBuild USA National Alumni Council. Inspired by the core values of the YouthBuild Program, Trevor hopes that all his endeavors through advocacy will reflect the love of the YouthBuild National movement. Thank you for viewing my website.

This site highlights the photography, music, and video work of Trevor Easley. These are all original ideas from the mind of Trevor Easley. The views and opinions expressed on this site are not a reflection of any friends or business associates of Trevor Easley. If you want to see more check me out at https://www.facebook.com/imtreveaz/

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